After returning from service in WWII, Olin Parker continued his education at University of Kansas, studying with Dr. E. Thayer Gaston and other pioneers in the field of music therapy. In 2014, Dr. Parker is Professor Emeritus of Music and Associate Director Emeritus of the Hugh Hodgson School of Music at University of Georgia. He is still involved in AMTA at age 91, attending and actively participating in regional and national conferences every year. Dr. Parker still teaches some college classes, continuing a career in higher education he started 49 years ago. In this AMTA-Pro podcast, Dr. Parker talks about events in the late 1940’s that resulted in the birth of music therapy as a profession, about his interactions with Dr. E.Thayer Gaston and other pioneers in the field, and about his interesting professional experiences over the past decades. Dr. Parker provides intriguing insights about our profession and amusing anecdotes about music therapy.

The Roots of Music Therapy

An Interview with Dr. Olin Parker

AMTA-Pro Podcast
January, 2014

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Dr. Olin Parker in November, 2013 with former student, music therapist Amber Weldon-Stephens at AMTA Conference in Jacksonville, FL