The speakers in this AMTA-Pro podcast – Growing Your Private Music Therapy Practice – are speaking from first-hand experience when talking about their ups and downs when establishing their own successful and expanding music therapy practices. Our MT-BC colleagues Mary Altom and Rachelle Morgan share a wealth of effective strategies for growing a private music therapy practice without fear. The discussion focuses on different approaches for selling music therapy services, and includes practical information about word-of-mouth marketing, content marketing, advertising, and event-based marketing. Rachelle and Mary spend some time in the podcast talking about a useful 4-part consultation model, and they provide some helpful resources for anyone wanting to start or grow a music therapy practice.

Growing Your Private Music Therapy Practice

AMTA-Pro Podcast ~ July, 2019

Mary Altom, MT-BC and Rachelle Morgan, MA, MT-BC


Discussion Outline

1. Be aware of your feelings around sales and marketing.


2. Know who your ideal clients are BEFORE you start with sales and marketing.


3. What’s the point of marketing? To get to a sales conversation.


4. Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

  • Build your community network
  • Nurture referral sources


5. Content marketing

  •  Blog
  • Social media
  • E-newsletter


6. Event-Based Marketing Strategies

  • Presentations/Conferences
  • Health fairs/Exhibit halls
  • Joint marketing events


7.  Advertising Strategies

  • Print marketing
  • Branding
  • Website


8. Four Part Consultation Model

  • Qualification
  • Build rapport
  • Education
  • Close



1. Soundscaping Source –

2. Music Therapy Kids –

3. Rock That Biz –


About the AMTA-Pro Podcast Speakers 

Mary Altom, MT-BC has built a thriving business to consumer practice from the ground up over the past seven years. Starting as a solo practitioner and growing to a team of five in a dedicated center space, her local business Sound Starts, located in Frisco, TX, serve hundreds of families directly through private pay, grants, and insurance reimbursement. Mary is passionate about empowering other music therapists to dream bigin their practice so that more families can access services and benefit from music therapy.

Rachelle Morgan, MA, MT-BC started her business in 2004, straight out of internship, with minimal business knowledge. Since then, with the help of coaches and mentors and through a TON of trial and error, she has built a strong and sustainable music therapy business in Kansas City, where the Soundscaping Source team serves older adults in senior living, hospice, and private homes. In addition to her work in Soundscaping Source, Rachelle is adjunct faculty at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College