In addition to her work with other populations, board-certified music therapist Rebecca Vaudreuil provides group and individual music therapy to military service members diagnosed with PTSD, TBI, physical injuries, substance abuse, chemical dependency, and other challenges. In this AMTA-Pro podcast, Rebecca gives us an overview of the role of music therapy and the structure of services provided to all branches of the military in inpatient programs as well as in Wounded Warrior Battalion transition and community reintegration programs. She describes real life situations illustrating the value of music therapy professionals and interns teaming up with recreation therapists, volunteers, family members, recording artists, and the San Diego community in order to provide effective and life-changing experiences for military service members. We will be adding links in the text section of this AMTA-Pro podcast to songs written by and/or performed by people involved in group and individual music therapy.


Music Therapy with Military Service Members

Rebecca Vaudreuil, MT-BC

June, 2013
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Note: Rebecca is traveling out of the country right now, but, upon her return, will be adding more information about her music therapy programs with military service members in the San Diego, CA area, including links to videos of songs written by and/or performed by some of the people participating in her group and individual music therapy sessions.